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Month: May 2015

Quai 54 x Nike LEBRON Soldier 9

In celebration of Jordan Brand’s 30th anniversary, Nike has teamed up with Quai 54 for a special collaboration embracing street basketball in France. The iconic and storied Quai 54 will be hosting its world championships in June, and along with the release of a collaborative Air Jordan XX9 and Air Jordan 13 Retro Low, a LEBRON Soldier 9 completes the lineup. Sporting a bold look, the LEBRON Soldier 9 features multiple Quai 54 logos all around the ankle and midfoot strap. A black upper and speckled gray sole completes the geometric shoe. The pair will be available May 30, exclusively in Europe. Article source:...

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Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica

Taking inspiration from Panerai’s historic models of the 1930s, the new Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica presents a contemporary timepiece design with its matte black ceramic case. Providing increased hardness, lightness, resistance to scratches and high temperatures, the 48mm ceramic case encloses a sandwich structure black dial with ecru color Super-LumiNova dot and bar hour markers. A relief image of the Silura a Lenta Corsa (human torpedo) decorates the watch face as a tribute to the commandos of the Italian navy, for whom the dial was originally designed. The timepiece is powered by a P.3000 hand-wound movement which can be seen through the sapphire crystal back. To see more from Panerai, head to its online site. Article source:...

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Nike’s ‘Inside Small Sided’ Takes us Behind Rio De Janeiro’s Street Soccer Culture

Ahead of the Copa America this year, Nike is taking us behind the soccer cultures of some of Latin America’s most passionate soccer cities. And there is no country as passionate or as decorated as Brazil, or its biggest city — Rio De Janeiro. Home to four of the country’s biggest teams and some of the sport’s most storied milestones, the connection between soccer and Brazilians need no explanation. However, the city takes non competitive soccer as seriously as its competitive aspect, making for a soccer culture rooted and conducive to creative flair to the game. Check out the entire series over at Nike. Article source:...

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Meet An Origami Robot That Can Build Itself, Run Around, And Then Dissolve

Robots are supposed to be huge and hulking like Big Dog, but what happens when they are as light as a feather? MIT researchers recently demonstrated a tiny robot that can fold itself from a sheet of thin material, walk around and carry loads, and then dunk itself in acetone to completely dissolve. The robot, which is controlled by electromagnets, can build itself in a few seconds and then follow signals on a surface or inside another object. It can carry small loads and even move small objects around like a sheepdog. While it’s not fast and it requires a lot of outside gear to move untethered, it’s a unique system and could clearly be used inside a complex object like an engine or a human body. Interestingly, the magnets don’t actually move the robot. Instead, they vibrate it slightly in different directions and a built-in magnet keeps it moving steadily in one direction. This means it can move on a flat plane and swim in water. It’s made of plastic, but it could be made of other biodegradable materials. Shuhei Miyashita, Steven Guitron, Marvin Ludersdorfer, Cynthia R. Sung, and Daniela Rus from MIT and TU Munich introduced the robot at ICRA 2015, a robotics conference. Their robot is obviously still just a prototype – it can’t do much more than scoot around a plane – but it looks...

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Google’s ATAP Debuts Its First Live-Action Spotlight Story In Partnership With Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin

Google’s ATAP unit now has a history of producing short movies and interactive experiences to showcase how storytellers can use mobile technology to create new experiences for their audiences. Today, at the company’s I/O developer conference in San Francisco, ATAP debuted its latest spotlight project. The team worked with director Justin Lin (Fast Furious 4, 5, 6; Star Trek 3) to create the organization’s first live-action Spotlight story, a short film about an alien attack on a city (L.A., we think). The team also showcased a Story Development Kit for developers and artists who want to use the same tools ATAP uses to create these stories. It’s unclear when this will become available to the public, though. “We are making a mobile movie theater and it opens today,” ATAP chief Regina Dugan said. “In every ATAP project, we see the inherent creativity of others at work.” Humans want to experience and engage with stories, and the Spotlights Stories project aims to push the format by using the mobile devices and other technologies. The team used four Epic RED 6k cameras to shoot the new experience. Few devices can play back all of this data, of course, but it turns out that the user only needs to interact with a maximum of 25 percent of the data at any given time anyway and so the system only renders what you need to see at any given time....

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