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Month: May 2015

Tiggly Words Teaches Kids To Read Using Real-World Toys That Work With An iPad

Tiggly, a company that makes a line of “iPad toys” that combine real-world objects with virtual play in mobile applications, has now rolled out its latest product: a new game and real-world toy combination it’s calling “Tiggly Words.” The idea is that young children can place the provided letters on the screen as part of gameplay in order to build words, unlock other game content, and advance the story. Tiggly Words, which includes a set of five vowel toys, is designed to work with three Tiggly-branded mobile applications, Tiggly Submarine, Tiggly Tales, and Tiggly Doctor. Each introduce their own gaming environment, characters and puzzles, but all involve placing the letters on the screen to move forward. These apps are able to identify if the child has chosen the correct letter because the Tiggly Toys have silicone touch points on them which the tablet reacts to, as it would your fingerprints. The company claims that the combination of physical toys with the Tiggly Words apps helps kids to learn spatial reasoning, motor skills while also improving their language and creativity. They also found in their research that those children who played with their other product, Tiggly Math, for two weeks, showed increases in early number skills in up to 71 percent of kids. That being said, my own daughter hasn’t seemed to be as interested in playing with Tiggly’s toys versus...

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10 Things We Learned About Virgil Abloh and Guillaulme Berg’s Paris IL Project

As Creative Director to Kanye West, designer for his OFF-WHITE label and globetrotting DJ under the moniker Flat White, Virgil Abloh is a man who wears many hats. The Chicago native continues to flex his creative prowess through different projects, his latest being Paris IL. The music initiative is a collaborative venture with Brodinski’s “right hand man,” Parisian DJ Guillaume Berg. “We’re just trying to have fun, be spontaneous and bring a good vibe to people” says Berg, who’s no new name to Paris’ club scene. Bridging the gap between the world of runway glitz and glam with the dark techno-ladened basement parties, the project was born as a reaction to the lack of good music they were hearing during Fashion Weeks. “People came to us with song requests during Fashion Week that other DJs already had on rotation. We wanted to bring something else to the table, to connect underground club music with a different audience. In a way Paris, IL is a polite way of saying “Fuck off, we don’t take requests!”” Blending four-to-the-floor house with somber basslines and big room garage tracks, Atlanta rap from Two-9 with are mixed with dance classics from the likes of Underground Resistance’s Robert Hoods. Sprinkled on top with contributions from a new wave of Parisian club purveyors — think Canblaster, Sam Tiba and Clek Clek Boom — and the result...

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Quai 54 x Air Jordan 13 Retro Low

Whoever coined the term “The World’s Game” for soccer should note that post-Jordan basketball is making a run for that title. Continuing to expand on building a global community for basketball, Jordan Brand has designed a special version of three hallmark silhouettes for the Quai 54 streetball tournament in Paris. The first of these releases is delivered as the Air Jordan 13 Retro Low, a silhouette that continues to rise in popularity as the weather warms. The pair is here constructed with a reflective outer panel, which lays over a smooth black leather base layer. Graphic nods to the blueprint of the Eiffel Tower run from the toe through the heel, covering the midsole. Other details include a suede tongue, embossed with the Quai 54 logo on the right foot; as well as a very tasteful gum outsole. The Quai 54 x Air Jordan 13 Retro Lows release exclusively in Europe on June 13 – sorry ‘Merica. Article source:...

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Alps Villa by Camillo Botticini Architetto

Planted in the middle of two major valleys in Northern Italy, the latest work by Camillo Botticini – the Alps Villa – offers stunning views of either side of the wondrous landscape. The residential edifice is preceded by a small angular staircase, which leads to a pathway that casts a crescendo for the home itself. At the facade, the home is built with angled panels of oxidized copper and accoya wood, which are constructed in a C-shape to conceal the three stories embedded within. At the interior, the home is kept rather minimal, lined with resin floors and a running glass motif to preserve the clean, streamlined aesthetic. Enjoy the photos above and head to Botticini’s website to peruse his other work. Article source:...

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Inventors, Entrepreneurs And The Space In Between

Got a hot idea for a new product? You’re not alone. However, hard data on exactly how many products are introduced each year is surprisingly sparse. So far, the best source I’ve found is Mintel’s Global New Product Database. According to the firm, over 20,000 new products from 50 countries are added each month. Product categories include beauty and personal care, household and home, automotive, clothing, and consumer electronics, among others. It gets complicated though, because other categories that would more typically be defined as services than products – like travel, financial services, and telecommunications – are also included. But say for a moment the number is accurate. That means 240,000 new products are introduced every year. It has also been estimated that one out of every 1,500 ideas actually becomes a product. If also true, then something like 360 million products are ideated yearly. Thank God for such a low percentage. What if every idea became a product? It’s estimated that Amazon already has over 320 million products available on its website. Imagine that number doubling in the next year. You’d need one hell of an algorithm just to find anything at all. Risk as a Critical Filter In many ways we have supply chain costs to thank for such a low product launch ratio. Mass manufacturing is an expensive proposition. Even a relatively simple product, one without complex...

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