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Month: June 2015

‘Legend’ Official Trailer Starring Tom Hardy and Emily Browning

Following the release of the first trailer comes the official movie trailer for upcoming crime thriller Legend. Director of L.A. Confidential Brian Helgeland’s newest film depicts the true story of twin brothers Reggie and Ron Kray, notorious English gangsters that grew to lead the organised crime activity in the East End of London during the ’50s and ’60s. Tom Hardy is sure to deliver a special performance by portraying both of the Kray brothers. The film also stars Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston, Taron Egerton, David Thewlis and Chazz Palminteri. Watch out for Legend to be released in theaters this September 11. Article source:...

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LSTN Is The Warby Parker Of Headphones

While companies like Warby Parker and Toms Shoes have made corporate responsibility more popular over the past few years, the technology industry hasn’t adapted as quickly. Meet LSTN, a headphone company where proceeds from each sale help someone hear for the first time. The company has partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and has already helped over 20,000 people in more than six different countries. LSTN’s headphones are also designed to be stylish. Each pair is encased in real ebony wood and superior audio components. Hilton explained that while most headphone companies use generic mass-produced drivers (the small speaker inside a headphone), LSTN uses custom made...

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With New Budgeting Tools, AWS Makes It Easier For Developers To Manage Costs

Amazon today announced two new tools that make it easier for developers to control their expenses on its AWS cloud computing platform. The first tool, called Budgets, allows AWS users to define a monthly budget for their AWS cost. As the name implies, this means you can now set up a budget for all of your AWS spending, or set up a specific budget for just the EC2 service, for example. Then, when you get close to exceeding your monthly budget — or when your forecasted cost exceeds 100 percent — AWS will send you an alert. In addition, AWS is launching a new tool for its Cost Explorer service today that tries to forecast monthly cost up to three months into the future. This service can look at data on an aggregate level, but more interestingly, it can look at specific services, tags, availability zones, purchase options and API operations. Given that there is probably some variability in how you use AWS in a given month, the service will also show confidence intervals for its prediction. Estimating AWS cost is something of an arcane art, which is only complicated by Amazon’s granular pricing structure. The more complex the app you’re hosting on AWS, the harder it gets to figure out how much it’ll cost to run it on Amazon’s service (which also makes it hard to compare AWS cost to other cloud platforms). These new services will...

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Microsoft Will Power AOL Search, Transfer Some Advertising Work As It Sheds Hundreds Of Employees

Following the news that it will shed around 100 employees to Uber in a mapping technology deal, Microsoft announced this afternoon that it will now power AOL’s search property, and will apportion parts of its advertising work into both AOL, and AppNexus. AOL, which owns TechCrunch, was recently purchased by Verizon, so it seems that Microsoft and our New Corporate Death Star are now in business together. The move comes with a host of layoffs — reportedly around 1,200 — some positions of which will be subsumed into AOL. It’s worth keeping in mind that Microsoft recently underwent a sharp series of layoffs following its purchase of the majority of Nokia’s hardware assets. The deal is another plank in Microsoft’s current, and very vocal attempt to slim its operations and have a more concerted product focus. Today’s earlier news that the company is getting out of the mapping imaging world is a similar move by the company; the old joke that an argument that answers everything answers nothing applies, but in this case, the company that does everything does nothing well. Oddly enough, Microsoft said something nice about TechCrunch. Consider this additional disclosure: This deal means another opportunity for Microsoft “validate the quality” of Bing’s search and ad platforms on a major scale. Here’s the official comment: Today’s news is evidence of Microsoft’s increased focus on our strengths: in this case,...

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Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ to Make its Streaming Debut on Apple Music

G-Funk fans rejoice: Dr. Dre’s seminal The Chronic will finally be available to stream for the very first time thanks to Apple Music. As reported by Rolling Stone, the LP will make its streaming debut with the launch of Apple Music this Tuesday, June 30. Up until now, the album has been absent from Spotify, Rhapsody and even the now-defunct Beats Music due to Dre’s legal battle with Death Row Records — a battle which ultimately saw Dre win the digital rights to The Chronic back in 2011 as a judge ruled that Death Row couldn’t sell the album digitally. The label, however, retains the rights to all physical forms of the 1992 release. Article source:...

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