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Month: June 2015

Marvel Taps Ava DuVernay To Direct ‘Black Panther’ Movie

Selma director Ava DuVernay has been tapped by Marvel to direct the imprint’s forthcoming Black Panther film, which is slated to release in 2018. The film will represent not only the first non-white, non-male-directed film for the iconic comic franchise, but also the first black-led superhero movie for Marvel. Chadwick Boseman, himself on a hot streak of filming, is set to lead the film in his portrayal of T’Challa, the heir to the African nation of Wakanda. The appointment of DuVernay to the director’s seat also represents a changing of the guards in terms of style for Marvel franchise films, with the label opting for more creative, dynamic filmmakers in the wake of Joss Whedon and Ant-Man developer Edgar Wright’s departure. Article source:...

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Tech In Asia Raises $4M To Grow From Tech Blog Into Startup Hub

If you care about tech news in Asia — and you should! — then the chances are that not only do you read us here at TechCrunch — thanks and hi! — but you might also be aware of Tech In Asia. Well, today is an interesting day for our friendly rival which just raised $4 million. Started in 2011 and now with 70 staff across all departments, Singapore-headquartered Tech In Asia bills itself as a news site to “serve and build Asia’s tech ecosystem.” That’s certainly become more apparent these past few months. That’s because, in addition to its editorial team and blog, Tech In Asia has built out a paid-for analytics service called Techlist — in the style of TechCrunch’s own, indomitable Crunchbase — and it recently took the wraps off a bold redesign that turned the site into a community hub, which allowing users to vote stories up (and down) and even contribute their own posts. These recent moves are unsurprisingly considering that Tech In Asia has been incubated at Y Combinator — “it really opened my mind, I’m so grateful,” Tech In Asia founder Willis Wee told TechCrunch in a brief interview. There, the team seems to have come away with new ideas for engaging its audience and monetization — neither of which is easy for media startups in today’s age. The final addition to Tech In Asia’s new focus is this...

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Design Tips For VR Games

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a games industry analyst, design consultant and the creator of leading blog What Games Are. He is currently writing a book called Core Game Design. You can follow him on Twitter here. In the past I’ve written about my strong skepticism regarding virtual reality. The first time I had a demo (from Palmer Luckey, in London) I felt sick as a dog for hours and this made me dubious. Second and subsequent demos softened my skepticism from “doesn’t work at all” to “might work for some“ and there it has remained. The headsets are inching toward becoming products and the media is broadly supportive but I’m still 30/70 on whether VR will ever makes sense. There’s a lot, perhaps too much, about VR that’s not quite there. However I don’t want to bang that drum today. Last week, just prior to E3, I was fortunate to finally get to experience the now-famous Valve demo and yes it’s pretty cool. The bit with the whale is great, as is the bit where you can paint in 3D space. Some of it is less so – there’s a crude archery game and a fantasy adventure room that don’t quite hang together – but on the whole it’s sweet. You get a sense of how VR as a platform might work. Putting on my game designer hat it’s made me think about the...

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Snapchat Pauses Being Cool To Gives Advertisers The Hard Sell

Evan Spiegel released a zero-fun informercial about Snapchat‘s ads today, extolling the virtues of “3V: vertical video views” in a way that would bore most of his users to tears. From a bland office couch, Spiegel explains how Snapchat’s full-screen ads slot between its content while Facebook and YouTube’s are either annoying pre-rolls or only fill part of the screen. Snapchat’s accompanying website lays out its that argument with data on its nearly 100 million daily active users from lucrative demographics viewing 2 billion videos per day. It boldly claims: and is filled with other extremely loud panels like: The joyless video follows another awkward clip Snapchat released last week of Spiegel describing what Snapchat is. Our senior writer Jordan Crook said it “looks like it was recorded against his will.” Everyone knew Snapchat had to grow up, but this is a bit aggressive bordering on desperate. The company needs a better balance of maturity in its public perception, but it doesn’t need to send its inner child to the coal mines, which is kind of how this video feels. Article source:...

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Nike Roshe LD-1000 Black/White

Shortly after the release of the navy blue “Obsidian” version, Nike presents the Roshe LD-1000 in the Black/White colorway. A silhouette that heavily takes notes from Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design x Nike collaboration, this Roshe LD-1000 is a blend of Roshe One and Cortez styles and features a textured black mesh upper with a stark white Swoosh logo, laces and Roshe NM sole unit. Black “NIKE” branding is stamped on the white heel tab. The Nike Roshe LD-1000 Black/White is now available for purchase online for $100 USD. Article source:...

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