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Month: June 2015

Wooster+Lardini 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

After teaming up with New York-based GREATS Brand on a special slip-on, the power duo of Nick Wooster and Lardini have broken off to create a more complete collection of apparel. The Italian tailoring workshop and the legendary street style icon have collaborated to address what Wooster believes to be the three types of style-conscious man: one who opts for traditional tailoring, one who opts for obscure, flair-driven tailoring, and one who opts out of tailoring altogether. The three types are represented by a collection that pulls together blazers, sleeveless jackets and nicely-weighted trousers in a variety of styles – so that wearers may style themselves accordingly. Naturally, the pieces are built with the finest tweeds, suedes and oxford cloths from around the world, sourced courtesy of Lardini’s expertise. Enjoy a look at the collection here and head over to Lardini’s website to learn more about this standout collaboration. Article source:...

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Panerai Luminor Base Logo Acciaio Paneristi 15th Anniversary Edition

Long the go-to for all things Panerai, popular forum Paneristi is getting its very own timepiece in honor of its 15-year anniversary. Coming in the form of Panerai’s Luminor Base Logo Acciaio, the special edition watch boasts a 44mm 316L stainless steel case and black dial, coupling the look with luminous markers, a blue “mosca” OP logo and features like a hand-wound mechanical movement and 56-hour power reserve. Finally, finishing touches come in the form of a commemorative engraving along the closed caseback. Limited to just 500 pieces, the Paneristi 15th Anniversary Edition of the Luminor Base Logo Acciaio will soon be available exclusively to Paneristi members from their local Panerai boutique for $4,200 USD. Article source:...

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Where Are The Invisible Apps?

More than a year ago, Matthew Panzarino wrote an article on TechCrunch in which he described a new type of mobile app experience that he coined the Invisible App. He predicted that we would imminently see the rise of a huge number of apps that would live in the background, anticipating our needs based on sensor and contextual data, and do things for us before we even had to ask. What an exciting vision. The trends are clearly on the side of the invisible app. Our phones are getting more and more sensors, and these tiny components are also getting faster and more accurate, and draining significantly less battery. In fact, the newest smartphones have more than 10 sensors that can combine to detect things as subtle as whether you are driving up a hill or biking down a hill. Now the computer in our pocket can not only access all the information in the world, but also can automatically understand where we are, what we are doing and what is happening around us. Then the Apple Watch was announced, and Matthew’s vision grew even more exciting and more likely. This new product would now be able to take all the sensor-intelligence our invisible apps would be producing and have a place to conveniently display it — our wrist. Running into a meeting and need to know the background of the person with whom you are...

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The Sorry State of “Games Are Art” In 2015

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a games industry analyst, design consultant and the creator of leading blog What Games Are. He is currently writing a book called Core Game Design. You can follow him on Twitter here. It’s rare that I get angry at Apple but this week I did, loudly, particularly on Twitter. Normally I’m a defender of the company or occasionally object to something it’s done in a “it means well but made a mistake” sense, but this was different. I’m referring to the banning of historical games containing the Confederate flag from the App Store, largely on the same reasoning that other stores like Amazon did with Confederate merch. It made me furious, even though the ban was later toned down, not because I’m a Confederate supporter. I may live in Seattle but I’m Irish. The American Civil War is an interesting item of history to me but not an issue in which I have a stake. In the wake of the Charleston shootings I fully understand why that flag is a symbol with negative sentiment to many and I’m in agreement with Bree Newsome’s act of civil disobedience to remove it. I’m an unequivocal supporter of equality for all, of equal rights and treatments for minorities, for the marginalized and the disenfranchised, and for sensitivity to culture. But there’s a line between the arts and reality. In the real world we...

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Redfin’s Irrational Moment

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman recalls a tense board meeting when his company discussed eliminating its customer commission refund in the latest Greymatter video from Greylock Partners. Typically in real estate transactions, the seller of a home pays a commission of 5% which is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Traditional brokerages keep all of their commission. With Redfin, the company shares a portion of the commission with their customers. After analyzing the data, Redfin learned they could eliminate the commission refund and it would not impact demand.Glenn hesitated to present this data to the Board. He knew that the commission refund was a critical part of Redfin fulfilling their mission, but that the board would push him to do the rational thing: maximize profits at the expense of the mission. Surprisingly, a member of the board asked him, “Name one great brand that was built by someone that was entirely rational.”That question gave Kelman the permission to think a bit irrationally. When you want to do something no one else can, he says, “you will always find a way to pay for it as long as the customer values it.” Article source:...

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