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Month: July 2015

FREITAG Rolls Out E500 Denim Range

There’s not really much that can be done with the jean silhouette, especially in 2015, an age in which vintage-formula denim reigns supreme. Progressive Swiss manufacturer FREITAG, while not necessarily reinventing any wheels, has definitely spun one with the release of its new denim line for guys. The inaugural silhouette, called the E500, is composed with a smooth blend of denim twill, which is stitched using a proprietary sustainable thread (81% linen and 19% true hemp). The 19oz denim is cut in a standard five-pocket fit, but features removable buttons that can be replaced as the denim ages. When the pair is finally exhausted from years of use, wearers can recycle their pairs into the earth – as each pair of jeans is 100% compostable after removing the buttons. If interested in testing out a pair from this extraordinary collection, check Freitag’s website when the fall season officially begins. Article source:...

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One Thousand Musicians Cover "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters as a Petition

The power of many is quite amazing sometimes. One thousand people — “rockers” to be exact — gathered together from all parts of the world to cover smash hit “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters off their critically acclaimed album There Is Nothing Left To Lose. The event was actually a petition to the five members of said band to come to Cesena, Italy to perform live. Did Dave Grohl and them hear? Will they react? We’ll have to wait and see, but kudos to the Rockin’ 1000. Check out the emotional video above. Article source:...

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FreedomPop Raises $10M More, Inks Strategic Deal With New Investor, Asian Carrier Axiata

FreedomPop, the U.S. wireless carrier startup that has been building a business based on completely free voice and data services, has raised another $10 million in funding from two strategic investors, the pan-Asian mobile carrier Axiata and an unnamed tech investor based in the U.S., the company is announcing today. The deal with Axiata will mean that FreedomPop will be expanding its free services into Asia for the first time. Axiata is based in Malaysia but also has operations also in Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia and Sri Lanka (under brands like Smart, M1 and Celcom). Notably, FreedomPop points out that it is the largest carrier in Southeast Asia, with 230 million subscribers across its footprint. Meanwhile, a source close to FreedomPop says that the U.S. tech company investor is a “major tech firm” that will use its commercial partnership with FreedomPop to “take on Google Fi at a device level and Qualcomm at a chip level.” The company is expected to announce its partnership with FreedomPop in the next month or so. The news comes about a month after FreedomPop announced a $30 million investment, which also had an unnamed strategic tech investor that will be working with the carrier on the hardware side of things. It’s unclear whether the secret investor is one and the same company. With that hardware partnership still under wraps, Stephen Stokols, the founder and CEO of FreedomPop, is...

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GoButler Takes Its Virtual Personal Assistant Out Of Beta, Raises $8M

GoButler has a straightforward premise — you should be able to send a text message and one of its “Heroes” will help you get whatever you need, whether you want to order dinner or make a flight reservation. Today, the startup is announcing that it has moved out of beta testing and is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s also announcing that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding. The round was led by General Catalyst Partners, with participation from Lakestar, Rocket Internet’s Global Founders Capital, Slow Ventures, BoxGroup, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s Sound Ventures, and Cherry Ventures. General Catalyst’s Joel Cutler is now on the GoButler board. We’ve described the service as a “Magic clone,” comparing it that other SMS service that promises to bring you anything you want, on-demand. (Magic can’t deliver a tiger, though.) Not surprisingly, co-founder and CEO Navid Hadzaad rejects the label, arguing that “while it may have sounded like a weekend side project,” you can’t build a service like this overnight. GoButler’s connection to Rocket Internet isn’t just through the funding — its founding team (pictured below) includes former executives from the Berlin-headquartered company. Hadzaad, for example, worked on Rocket Internet services ZipJet and Helpling. And, well, Rocket Internet has a reputation for cloning successful services. But Hadzaad said that what really distinguishes...

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PicMonkey Grabs $41 Million Investment

PicMonkey, a Seattle-based photo editing web app just secured a $41 million growth equity investment from Spectrum Equity. This is the three-year-old company’s first ever round of outside funding, the site has bootstrapped its way into profitability. “PicMonkey has grown from the ground up into a profitable business without a single round of outside funding,” Jonathan Sposato, co-founder and CEO of PicMonkey, said in a press release. The app has built up a repertoire of nearly 25 million monthly users over the past several years. PicMonkey can be used to make adjustments to pictures, build collages or create more complex graphic photo illustrations. The site has also built up “hundreds of thousands” of paid users, who pay about $5 a month (or $33 a year) to use the site ad-free and gain access to a variety of different features. “It is rare for us to see a user community as passionate and loyal as this one. We think this is only the beginning of what this company can do,” Pete Jensen, managing director of Spectrum Equity, said. Featured Image: PicMonkey Article source:...

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