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Month: July 2015

The Timmy Brothers Introduce Bespoke Drinking Water

The customization of sneakers, clothing and various lifestyle goods has proved to be a hit so far, whilst picking and choosing your own ingredients for a sandwich or salad has been around for a while as well. Simply put, no one apart from ourselves can really know what we are desiring for at that moment in time and having the choice to make it your own makes something that much more attractive. Brooklyn-based Timmy Brothers have introduced the new concept of bespoke water. The brotherly duo recognizes that what may be thirst-quenching for one person may not necessarily be the same for another individual, and through the studying of different water sources and their respective traits, Billy and Terry have crafted a series of batches that can be personalized to your liking. Though the price points may be a little steeper than usual, being able to taste water from another part of the world without actually going there may be attractive enough to spend a little more. What do you guys think? Article source:...

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Canon Have Released a Video Camera That Goes to 4,000,000 ISO

Japanese photographic giant Canon has released a multi-purpose camera that goes all the way to 4,000,000 ISO. With an image sensor restricted to 2.26 megapixels, a price-tag of $30,000 USD and no internal storage, the camera is undoubtedly only to be used by specialists in very specific situations. Ideal for capturing full color in extreme low light, for nature photography or surveillance, the new ME20F-SH is explained in more detail by the hirsute gentleman in the video above. Article source:...

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Holland’s Catawiki Raises $82M To Take On eBay In Collectible Auctions

While eBay is doubling down on its core business after its split from PayPal, an upstart out of Europe is looking to muscle in on the business where eBay first made its name, collectibles. Catawiki, a Dutch online auction business, has raised $82 million to scale its business on the continent and beyond. The Series C was led by Lead Edge Capital — an investor in other e-commerce juggernauts like Alibaba and Delivery Hero — along with past backers Accel and Project A Ventures, and several former executives. René Schoenmakers, the CEO and co-founder with CTO Marco Jansen, says that the business — and name, as it happens — was started from his own interest in collecting comic books. In 2008, the idea was to create an online catalogue where other collectors could contribute their own inventories of comic books in a wiki, creating a crowdsourced catalogue in the process. “The catalogue could then get used as the basis of selling those comics,” he said. The wiki actually still quietly exists, he says, although it’s not really developed or highlighted in the wider business. That wider business, meanwhile, has massively expanded from humble comic book beginnings, covering a variety of categories, from antiques through to jewellery, cars and wine. Catawiki is not disclosing revenues or user numbers (or valuation, for that matter) but it does note that over the last 12 months, it has increased...

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GitHub Raises $250M Series B Round To Take Risks

GitHub, the software development collaboration and version control service based on the popular open source Git tool, today announced that it has raised a $250 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital and Institutional Venture Partners also participated in this round. The company, which was founded back in 2008, has now taken a total of $350 million in outside funding. While the company isn’t talking about its valuation, the WSJ reports that its currently hovering around $2 billion. GitHub’s 2012 Series A round was led by Andreessen Horowitz. At the time, the company’s valuation was said to be around $750 million. As GitHub CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath told me shortly after the new round was announced, the company plans to use this new round to accelerate growth and expand its sales and engineering team (as most companies do when they raise). He also stressed, though, that the round isn’t just meant for that. “The round is not just to accelerate, but also to allow us to think bigger and take larger risks,” Wanstrath said. Chris Wanstrath This means GitHub acquisitions are likely on the horizon, but he also noted that the company wants to push its international strategy forward. It recently opened an office in Japan (and hosted its first meetup there) and other locations will likely follow. “For us, GitHub is really about the developers — essentially...

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