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Month: August 2015

Dior Homme and Willy Vanderperre Present "Paris XVIE" Featuring Boyd Holbrook

In anticipation of its upcoming 2015 fall/winter collection, Dior Homme presents its latest photo and film project “Paris XVIE” featuring American actor Boyd Holbrook. This project is a collaboration between the fashion house’s creative director Kris Van Assche and photographer Willy Vanderperre, in which the elegance of the forthcoming offering is explored through a day in the life of an American in Paris. “We started this collaboration with a focus on the film and now the picture also have that filmic feel,” explains Vanderperre. He elaborates, “We wanted somebody that could explore the filmic idea with further, and it was Kris that suggested Boyd. He plays the part of an American in Paris walking in different parts of the city, picks and preserves flowers as his memory of those places.” Look to purchase any pieces at Dior boutiques in the coming weeks. Article source:...

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Getting Banned From The App Store Was The Best Thing That Happened To Us

“Brace yourself, Marco…we’ve just been removed from the App Store.” With those words, I visualized everything we’d slaved over for months crumple itself into a ball of trash and — ironically — flinging itself into the bin beside me. But it hardly came as a surprise. Despite stellar traction at over 4 million users and 15 million flings opened per day after launching less than a year ago, Fling had morphed into something entirely different from what I initially conceived. Fling’s Conception It was October 2013, and I was on a plane from Hong Kong to London. It’s a 13-hour journey,...

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Your First 10 Customers Can Make Or Break You

Early in a startup’s life, the main focus is building the right product for the right market. For most B2B startups, this is the period when you start winning your first 10 customers. These 10 customers are unlike any others you’ll have over the course of your company. You’ll sell to them differently, charge them differently and try to get different things out of the relationship than you will from those that follow. This is the group that will teach you how to refine your product, whether or not you are targeting a large enough market and how to craft a...

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Giffiti Jazzes Up Photos With GIFs

In the ever-escalating social media arms race, GIFs are the best way to get attention. Static photos are so 2013. But a new app called Giffiti (like graffiti with GIFs) lets you enhance your pics by overlaying animations.  Announced by Nalin Mittal this month with a simple post on Reddit, Giffiti rocketed to the front page and hit #14 amongst U.S. Entertainment apps on iOS. Graffiti meets #Giffiti — Dave Peck (@dangerdave) August 26, 2015 This was not the plan. Mittal had sold his company to InMobi. He left with his friend Tim Jones and was trying to build...

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NEIGHBORHOOD 2015 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

After releasing its long-awaited Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook, Japanese label NEIGHBORHOOD has now announced a complimenting footwear collection for the Fall/Winter season. Heavily inspired by military aesthetics, the line is made up of both heavy-duty and smart/casual shoes. The drop consists of a Moc Classic Leather shoe available in three colors, a pair of Classic Leather boots available in mirrored two-tone earth-hues and a pair of Classic Leather Hi-sneakers made of cotton and leather, available in two colorways. No release date or price point has been announced, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Article source:...

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