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Gamers nowadays instantly turn to titles like Grand Theft Auto V or Sleeping Dogs for open-world exploration action-adventure games, but back in the late 90′s this large-scale way of gaming just didn’t exist. Along came a developer named Yu Suzuki, a platform called Sega Dreamcast, and a game called Shenmue, which would go on to change the industry. Hordes of adoring fans, a highly successful sequel, and a decade of silence later, Mr. Suzuki walked onto the stage of E3 2015, along with a $2 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, and publically announced Shenmue III will happen. Everything that was so loved with the past titles – the cinematic cut scenes, in-depth story-telling, innovative features like dynamic weather and day-night variations – may seem standard for what games should offer now, but fans all over the world are beyond excited for what Suzuki and his team have in store for us when the third game drops some time in the near future.

To wet our appetites, filmmaker Adam Sipione and Fauxpop Media release a trailer for an upcoming documentary titled A Gamer’s Journey: A Definitive History of Shenmue. The picture will chronicle the process and history of both the first and second game, along with in-depth info on how the games were conceived, how fans felt, their extensive history, and a closer look at the upcoming sequel. With the original Kickstarter goal of $2 million now currently doubled, Shenmue III and this documentary are not to be missed. Leave your comments below and share what you loved the most about Ryo Hazuki’s heroic adventures through modern Japan.

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