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Maison Kitsuné has worked together with 500-year-old confectionary company Toraya to sell a limited quantity of Japanese Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) from its café in Tokyo. The first kind ”Kitsunefuku”, is inspired by objects throughout the Kitsuné store and is made from Tsukune Imo (Yama Root) and Hokkaido Gozen-bean paste, while its eyes, ears and nose are carefully shaped by hand one-by-one. The “Tama Kitsune” snack uses rare white beans in the coating that are minced with a net, creating both white and golden brown bits, while the Ogura-bean coating demonstrates the fur of fox. Priced at ¥480 JPY (approximately $4 USD), the limited edition Kitsuné Wagashi will be available starting October 1, at Café Kitsuné in Tokyo.

Café Kitsuné
3-17-1 Minamiaoyama
Minato, Tokyo

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