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After GQ‘s December 2012 cover featuring Rihanna was unveiled yesterday, the publication today lets loose a few of the images from the editorial feature. Featuring the artist set against various monochromatic backdrops, Rihanna leaves little to the imagination as she sports nothing more than a motorcycle’s jacket, black and white sneakers and a few loose-fitting tops. The article, which aims to dig much deeper into the artist than what meets the eye  – although it does a good job of doing that justice — follows her through the ups and down of the chaotic celebrity lifestyle and behind-the-scenes. You can check out a brief excerpt from the feature below while the entire article can be read here.

WE all head out to a club in the meatpacking district, Griffin. But by the time we get there, Rihanna’s mood has noticeably shifted. She’s detached, rocking hypnotically, slow-dancing solo. Then the DJs shout out names of the stars there that night: Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Rihanna, and Chris Brown. The last name reverberates over a clamorous 2 Chainz track. The crowd does a double take, like Chris Brown? Here we go!

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