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Although some have accused Kanye West for being a narcissistic and self-centered figure, it seems like those who really know him describe him as anything but that. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, close-friend and longtime collaboration CyHi the Prynce reveal that Kanye is extremely generous when it comes to paying people for their contributions to his music.

“I definitely got paid. Oh no, he overly pays,” CyHi said at the four-minute mark. “That’s an issue.” He shares a story about how a man walked in wearing leather black jeans when West was in studio working on Yeezus, which inspired the lyrics on his song “Black Skinhead.” Even though he wasn’t aware, the man who walked in ended up getting paid for his “contribution.”

“If you’re delivering waters, if you’re the engineer, if you’re the cameraman, if he ask you one thing about this song, you’re name is on this record,” CyHi added. “All you got to do is be in the brainstorming. If you were in the brainstorm room, you get part of the record.”

Check out the full interview above.

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